Translation Services

Specialized translation of technical and quality documents with perfect knowledge of the appropriate technical terms. Thanks to our experience reviewing valves, strainers and many other products vendor documentations we understand the complicated rationales behind texts of this kind.

Translation services

Basic translations
(normal, not sworn)


From English into Spanish

From Spanish into English


Test procedure
Technical manuals
Project Specifications
Technical standards
Operation manuals

Delivery time

Fast translation 24h. -48h.

Normal translations up to 3 days

Most frequent industries:

Renewable, industrial engineering, mechanics engineering, metallurgy, nuclear engineering, petroleum, power generation, petrochemical…

Product Experience:

3Way Ball Valves

Ball Valves

Bronze Valves

Butterfly Valves

Bypass Valves

Control Valves

Cryogenic Valves

Dual Plate Valves

Gate / Globe / Check Valves

Motorized Valves

Plug Valves

Needle Valves

Safety Valves

Sampling Valves

Triple Offset Valves

Vacuum Breaker Valves

Spare Parts



On / Off Valves

Spare Parts

Basket Filter

CO2 Absorbers

Conical Strainers

Drain Pot

Duplex Strainers

Flame Arrestors

Hose Connections

Liquid Drainer

Pressure Gauges

Restriction Orifice Plates

Safety Showers

Sample Coolers

Self Cleaning Filter

Sight Glasses


Steam Traps

Y and T Type Strainers

Spare Parts

Translation prices:

English to Spanish / Spanish to English translation rates per word 0,08€.

Every document sent to Zenilyst will be handled confidentially and will remain the property of its owner.

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