Document Control Services

Our outsourced document control services help you to invoice the documentation milestone as scheduled, and free up time of project managers or technical resources from:

  • Creating vendor document lists (VDDL), project cover sheets, ITP, progress reports and packing list among others.
  • Submittal of the documents included in the VDDL and coordination subsequent revisions with your customer.
  • Preparing and printing out the final dossiers according to project requirements.

Services provided include:

Vendor Document List (VDDL)

Vendor Document List creation in accordance with the purchased material and project specifications.


Document creation and modification as per project requirements that includes:

– Cover sheet generation, ITP and Test Procedures modification
– Preparation of Bill of Material, Spare parts lists, Progress Reports, Overall Manufacturing Report and Dossier Indexes.

Document Appraisal

Assuring manufacturer procedures and documents quality where we verify completeness and compliance with the project specifications


– Submittal to customer of the documents included in the VDDL
– Coordinating subsequent document revision submittals
– Ensuring that document transmittals are acknowledged.


Maintain document control registers updated

Final Dossiers

– Creation of the Final Dossiers in accordance with project specifications
– Once approved the dossiers manage the electronic and hard copies and send them to the delivery address indicated by the customer.