How to Prepare a Vendor Drawing Data List

In the VDDL you should include at least the following columns in order to get a correct traceability:

  • Vendor Document Number – Here you have to indicate your internal document reference,

For example: (Work number)-(Doc. Number)-(Sequence)

  • Client Document Number – Your customer will give you their document reference number
  • Document Title – It`s better to use the document titles received from your customer
  • Submission Dates – Indicate the agreed dates as per the project requirements
  • Critical Documents – Mark the documents where your customer could apply penalties


The documents included in the VDDL can be different in each purchase order but there are always basic documents that you need to submit in order to manufacture, test and deliver the valves accordingly:

  • Vendor Drawing and Data List
  • Detailed Drawings
  • Inspection Test Plan (ITP)
  • Hydrostatic Test Procedure
  • Painting Procedure
  • Packing Procedure
  • Test Reports
  • 1 Certificates
  • Final Dossiers



Once you have included the applicable documents you shall check the project requirements about the submission dates of the documents and make sure that there are clearly marked which documents are considered as critical especially if in the purchase order your customer mention penalties related to the critical documentation.

Usually the VDDL, Drawings, ITP, Test Reports, Certificates and Dossiers are considered as critical documentation so make sure to send them on the agreed dates.


If you need help with your Vendor Drawing and Data Lists download the free sample from our work toolbox.

We have included in the sample list all the documents that could apply, the submission dates and critical documents usually requested.

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