How to get many questions replied in an email

In general, the more questions you put in an email, the less likely is to receive a reply to all your queries.

Keep in mind that people is busy, and they will probably scan your email quickly and send a response without a complete answer.

With persons you know well, feel free to put all your questions in one email, but with people you don`t know well or that usually don`t reply to all your queries, you have two options:

  1. Reduce your questions to the one or two most important ones and follow up over time
  2. Send a short, single email with several questions

I almost always send emails with only one question because it is more likely to receive a reply, but sometimes you have to send one email with several questions related to the same issue.

For these situations, you can use the following guideline to upgrade the probabilities to get the answers that you need:

  • Send an email telling that next day you will send a 4 (or the number that corresponds) question email, how much it will take them to reply, and when you expect a reply. For example:

Subject: 4 questions about the Hydrostatic Inspection – notice for an email tomorrow

 Dear supplier,


 I am going to send you 4 questions about the Hydrostatic Inspection tomorrow morning and it should take less than 15 minutes to reply. If you can get them to me by Thursday, I will be able to inform the customer in our meeting on Friday.

 Best regards,


  • Next day, send the email with all your questions. For example:

Subject: RE: 4 questions about the Hydrostatic Inspection – notice for an email tomorrow (REPLY TO THIS EMAIL)

 Dear supplier,

 As indicated in my email yesterday, find below the 4 questions about the Hydrostatic Inspection. They should take you 15 minutes to answer. Would it be possible for you to get these back to me by Thursday?

  • Question 1
  • Question 2
  • Question 3
  • Question 4

 Thanks, and I hope to receive your answers before Thursday. 


Hope this was helpful!