Basics of Project Test Procedures

High quality project documents and procedures are basic expectation whenever an EPC or end user places an order to your company.

Make sure to use only procedures with proper format and always include cover sheet, index and test report draft.

Also, send your procedures including only the applicable information to each purchase order. This may seem a lot of work but it will help you avoid further clarifications or misunderstandings during inspections.


Although each valve manufacturer has their own test procedures with the applicable data to their company, there are some basic relevant information in each procedure that EPC`s and end users always request.

Here are some examples of the mandatory information that shall contain your procedures:

Hydrostatic Test Procedure

  • Purpose
  • Applicable Standard/Documents (Besides the applicable standards also include the ITP and the Project Technical Specification document numbers).
  • Testing Medium
  • Equipment and Calibration
  • Application, Duration and Test Pressure Values
  • Acceptance Criteria
  • Test Report Draft


Painting Procedure

  • Purpose
  • Applicable Standards/Documents (Besides the applicable standards also include the Project Painting Specification document number).
  • Environmental Conditions
  • Surface Preparation
  • Application
  • Coating Systems
  • Inspection and Testing
  • Repairs
  • Paint Data Sheets
  • Test Report Draft


If you need more help with your quality test procedures check our products list with the main project document samples and templates.  They contain real information and guidelines that can be adapted to every purchase order.